Rook City #3 Cover

What’s next?


Just a quick update to let you all know that there is indeed more Rook City on the way!  This fall you can expect another longer story featuring the Vlad Squad and Toby Fox.  After that, there will be a story featuring the Captain and Dark Star.

Once those stories are concluded, they will be published in the third issue of Rook City.  At that time, we will also publish the first volume of Rook City, which will collect all three issues along with a lot of bonus content!  Stay tuned!


Rook City is BACK.

Well, after a massively long delay Rook City will once again be updating regularly at least for the next month or so as we finish off the “Convention Blues” storyline.  21 new pages will eventually be posted, making this by far the longest Rook City tale as of yet.  The pages are all done (and even sent off to the printer) and will be posted one per weekday until the story concludes (except today when you get two pages and the cover). The story will see print in Rook City #2, which will premiere at Planet Comicon next month!

Why the delay?  Well, the main reason is that I got pulled away into a lot of other projects.  In the time since I started this story, we have published three other comics and I’ve illustrated eight children’s books.  No real excuse, but that’s how it is.  However, this story would never leave me alone.  It was too much fun to abandon forever… it had to be finished.  For those few of you who have been waiting all this time… I truly appreciate your patience.  I really hope you all enjoy how it turns out!

If you’re completely new to Rook City then you probably want to start back at the beginning.  Or you can just start at the beginning of the current storyline… whatever works for you.  I look forward to hearing your feedback as the story unfolds!  Remember to check back every weekday for a new page. Thanks for checking it out!


Get ready!

Starting Monday something big is happening RIGHT HERE…


Evil Ain’t Easy on ZUDA!

Evil Ain't Easy

Well, here’s the huge news I couldn’t tell you all until now… my comic Evil Ain’t Easy is currently in this month’s Zuda Comics competition! For those of you who might not know, Zuda Comics is an online division of DC Comics. Every month ten comic strips are chosen for the international competition, and votes from online visitors to the site determine the winner. This winner is then rewarded a year-long contract with DC Comics to create 52 more strips for the site.

Evil Ain’t Easy is my humor strip that tells the story of a maniacal scientist bent on world domination who is constantly thwarted by the everyday annoyances of life. He is accompanied by the laid-back henchman he created and a moody, little, old landlady.

It’s quite an honor to even be selected for the competition! So far, readers seem to enjoy the humor of the comic. It’s pretty light-hearted compared to a lot of the other comics on Zuda. I hope that uniqueness appeals enough to people to get their vote, as there are several great comics in this month’s competition.

So anyway… I need your help! Please take a few minutes to read the comic, register, and VOTE for it (registering is quick, easy, and spam-free)! Please also rate it, favorite it, and leave a comment… all these things will help it win.

Evil Ain’t Easy will only win if we can really spread the word and get people to vote for it! I’ve setup a production blog at to help promote the comic, and there you’ll find lots of sketches, downloads, and more! We’re going to be running a few different contests to promote the comic, so stay tuned to that blog for details… and you might win some free stuff!

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help out!



Follow Seth on Twitter!

Just a quick note to let you know that Elton and I are both on Twitter now. Elton mainly posts about his Life, the Universe and Sci-Fi blog, while I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on the progress of our comics. Feel free to follow us if you want updates even more frequently than this blog!

Elton on Twitter

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(When my dad heard I was on there, he asked if this meant that I was “twitterpated.” See where I get my witty sense of humor?)