“The Paragon” page 6
November 16th, 2011

“The Paragon” page 6


“Leaf” gets some color

Here’s the newly-colored version of this simple little tale that originally appeared in our first issue of Random Ink. Stay tuned for more!

"Leaf" page 1 "Leaf" page 2


Big news!

We have been making plans for the next year and wanted to keep you all updated. Our next project is finishing another issue of Random Ink, our comics anthology. This will be the fifth issue in the series and will feature at least three new stories, ranging from the next chapter of our superhero story… to a mystery involving the blues… to another tale of the Last Martian (so, the typical crazy amount of variety that the series is known for).

We are planning on premiering the new issue at Planet Comicon in February of next year. At that time, we will also be combining all five issues into our first full-color collection of comics. We will even be going back and recoloring the stories that were in the black and white issues. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to attend the cons we will be at, as we are exploring options for getting the book to you online for purchase or download, too.

So here is the the very first Last Martian, presented in color for the first time. We’ll be posting more stories in color as they are finished… enjoy!

Last Martian, page 1

Last Martian, page 2

Last Martian, page 3


The giant gets some color.

I updated that “Mean Old Giant Blues” story I posted a while ago with color (and better lettering).  I hope you dig the new version.

This story will be included in the upcoming Random Ink #4.


Random Ink #4 PREVIEW!

Squirrel studies

I did these squirrel studies in preparation for the story I am currently working on for  the next Random Ink.  Their structure and nimbleness makes them fun to draw from a bunch of angles.

Here there be squirrels.

Here’s a finished panel from that story.  It’s called “Horde” and will be a five-pager in Random Ink #4 (in color).  I was pretty happy with this particular panel, and I think it gives you a good idea of what the story’s about.

In-progress squirrel drawing Detail shot

This kept me busy for a couple of days.  You probably already guessed this is another page from that “Horde” story I mentioned earlier.  It was actually a lot of fun to draw… something I wasn’t sure I could actually do when I thumbnailed the story.

Some more random finished panels from that story…

The friendly rodent.

This can't be good.

Designs for Mars Rover Mark IV

There are a lot of things in the works here at Three Trees.  We are gearing up for this year’s con season and working hard to finish several new books in time for that.  Another story that will be featured in Random Ink #4 is the next chapter of the Last Martian “saga.”  Here you can see three possible designs for the new Mars Rover in that story.  Which one is actually in the story?  Well, you’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, here’s some random finished panels…

Emerging from rubble

Martians are known for being vengeful.

Things look grim for our Martian.

Things heat up.

There will be eight stories in Random Ink #4.  Stay tuned for more details!


A bunch of new fan art!

At the high school where I teach, I run an afterschool cartoon studio, and the last week of the year several of my students chose to try drawing characters from Random Ink.  It’s always a blast to see other artists’ takes on your characters, especially when they’re your students.  So, Jeremiah, Amanda, Alex, Cailah, Rachel, Kevin, Jamie, and Shelby… thanks!

Got some fan art? Send it to us here!


The Last Martian’s greatest fear…

This short video  ( MARS! from Joe Bichard and Jack Cunningham) is probably what runs through the Martian’s mind whenever he sees a new Rover land!


Random Ink #3 RELEASED!

The third issue of our comics anthology is now available for purchase online! As mentioned in our previews earlier, this issue features three stories:

“First Impressions” (Story by Elton and Seth with art by Matt Meyers.)  A medieval knight is given a critical mission in the future and transported to our present. Unfortunately, his first experience here is not a peaceful one.

“Pixie Pirates: Prologue” (Story and art by Dusty Roberts.)  A greedy and murderous group of pirates sail the seas, unaware of how drastically their destinies are about to change…

“Useless Words” (Story and art by Seth.)  The moon is falling. No one knows why. Panic and fear grip the entire world as the countdown to destruction begins. Now a lone man must come to terms with his fate.

We’re really proud of this issue, as it is the first time all four of us contributed fairly equally to one.  We’ll be posting all the stories from it at the RIGHT HERE, starting with “First Impressions” which you can read now!  And of course you can still pick up a copy from us the upcoming Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

Let us know what you think!