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Thursday December 24, 2020, at 4:17 pm

Season of hope

I truly wish you all the happiest of holidays with whatever family and friends you can be with!  After a year like this, it is so good to have this season of hope to remember all the good things we still have.

Wednesday December 9, 2020, at 10:16 pm

Digital painting

These are some random pieces that I finished recently for various reasons.  This first one is a digital painting that my mom requested for her birthday.  It’s based on a photo of a barn near their place in Montana where I grew up.  Yes, we occasionally get bald eagles that visit there…

These next two were created as project examples for my new Digital Art class I am teaching this year.  For this one, we working on our digital painting skills.  I found a lot of more painterly brushes I liked with this one.

This was a new musician portrait I created for the class.  Been wanting to add a Dave Brubeck to this series of mine.  He is one of my all-time favorite jazz musicians.  In the background, I tried to visualize the complexity of his experimentations with different time signatures.

Thursday November 26, 2020, at 10:48 pm

Inktober 2020- Wrap up

Inktober Day 27: Aces & Eights!
These guys I created in high school were going to run a super-powered detective agency. Ace Kingston had various vision powers while Jackson Aighte was invulnerable. Maybe I’ll do something with them someday…


Inktober Day 28: Prodigal!
I had a story idea with this guy back in high school where you would see it from his perspective as he took down one of our superhero teams… only to reveal it was all a simulation of what he was about to do.


Inktober Day 29: Sever!
Yet another character from my high school days. I think this guy was inspired by Ripclaw from Cyberforce.


Inktober Day 30: Sliver!
Another character from my high school comics… such a pleasant fellow!


Inktober 2020 Day 31: Decrypt!
Back in high school Elton and I created this cosmic entity to be one of the main villains in our universe. We still might use him someday…

Thanks for following along with my Inktober drawings this year! It has been a blast to revisit so many old characters, even if it took most of November for me to finish.

Wednesday November 11, 2020, at 11:26 pm

Inktober 2020- Week 4

Inktober Day 19: Drogo Trentwhistle!
I have not played much D&D, but the last time I did this was my character. He was a halfling werebear. Our party’s trademark move was to toss me in halfling form into a room full of orcs, at which point I would transform and slaughter them. Fun times!

Inktober Day 20: Lazarus Hunt!
Co-created by Elton Gahr , Lazarus spends his days investigating the unsolved mysteries of the world. We’re looking forward to telling some of his tales soon!


Inktober Day 21: Menace!
This character appeared in the very first comic Elton Gahr and I created back in 7th grade study hall. (There was definitely a Venom inspiration going on.) We still have big plans for this evil, shape-shifting alien in our upcoming Random Ink comics.

Inktober Day 22: Dusk!
This shadowy figure is another one of my older characters that we have big plans for in new stories. Is he emerging from the darkness or part of it?

Inktober Day 23: Paladan!
I created this cosmic character with @eltongahr over 20 years ago and haven’t drawn him since. His origin involved space battles, a genocidal madman, and a fun time paradox. It was fun to bust out the Kirby krackle brush on this one.

Inktober Day 24: Spitfire!
Another one of my characters I haven’t drawn since high school. Spitfire woke up in an alley with no memory but the ability to make anything he touched burst into flames. I remember drawing that alley helped me learn how to render bricks in perspective.


Inktober Day 25: Stryker!
Another of my high school characters, this warrior had an incredible healing factor (totally unlike Wolverine), a double bladed sword (totally unlike Shatterstar), and was part of a team called Mutant Force (totally unlike X-Force). 🙂

Inktober Day 26: Rasputan!
Here is another member of Mutant Force, one of my comics from high school. He was actually the brains of the group and could project heat rays, if I remember right.

Friday October 23, 2020, at 11:11 pm

Inktober 2020- Week 3

Day 14: Grop!
I love drawing this guy from one of my Duel comics. He didn’t last too long in my battle comic with Matt Meyers. Drawing the hair and weird proportions of this rock-eating beastie is so much fun.


Day 15: Lord Thornton Bartholomew!
This gentleman sorcerer is one of my favorite characters from my Duel comics. One of my students fell in love with his look and declared she was adopting him as her grandfather. Years later, when I created a comic about him writing a letter to his granddaughter, I made sure to use her name.


Day 16: Cyborg Stan!
One of the characters from my first issue of Duel. It was a lot of fun to create a short space western backstory for him a few years ago.


Day 17: Grantolonius Rex!
Now we’re getting to some more obscure characters… I haven’t drawn this guy in about 8 years. My Cartoonist Club I sponsor at the high school decided to create a tournament of characters inspired by the old Fist-a-Cuffs blog by Sam Hiti. This weirdo was my entry in that first tournament. He didn’t last too long, but he was a blast to draw.


Day 18: Meatstorm!
Another crazy character I created about 8years ago for the Clash of Champions tournament that we do in the high school cartoonist club I sponsor. It’s kind of fun to imagine what the other settings on his arm gun could be… what do YOU think?

Wednesday October 14, 2020, at 11:38 pm

Inktober 2020- Week 2

Inktober Day 7: Toby Fox!
No, not the creator of Undertale… I actually first created Toby back in college in 1997. As the star of my Rook City comic, he spends his days investigating the various unexplained mysteries happening around campus. Eventually this attracts the notice of Sam, one of the ancient order of Custodians that protect the city. I recently drew a new Rook City short story with my daughter which I will share with you soon.

Day 8: The Rebuker!
Another Rook City character originally created in 1997… this guy sprung from the amusing thought of what all these hard-boiled 90’s vigilantes would be like as senior citizens. He has become one of the main characters in the city and someone Toby consistently has to keep an eye on so that his quest for justice doesn’t get out of hand.


Day 9: Dimitri!
Back in 2005 Elton Gahr came up with the idea for the Vlad Squad, a group of wannabe college vampires who each have different powers. We have featured them in several Rook City stories. Dimitri here can transform into a bat, wolf, or mist.


Day 10: Gregori!
Coming up with good names is never easy, but when @eltongahr came up with the idea for this group of characters and told me they were called the Vlad Squad, I knew he was on to something. Designing them went really quickly… their look just came together smoothly. This is Gregori, the actor of the group and the one with the power of hypnotism. Whether he uses that ability to make his audiences enjoy his performances or not is a matter of some debate.


Day 11: Esmerelda!
One of the most hardcore members of the Vlad Squad, she has vampiric strength and invulnerability. Always fun to draw! Co-created by @eltongahr .


Day 12: Ralph!
Ralph was the first member of the Vlad Squad to doubt whether they were really vampires or not. Perhaps because his only vampiric power was that of no reflection.


Day 13: Dark Star & the Captain!
Rumor has it that the Captain, Rook City’s favorite superhero, is nothing but an opportunistic charlatan. Rumor has it that Dark Star is merely an under appreciated actor hired to fight him in mock battles. But who pays attention to rumors…?

Wednesday October 7, 2020, at 9:24 pm

Inktober 2020- Week 1

Day 1: The Last Martian!
This year for Inktober I am doing nothing but original characters and digital inks. I still love inking traditionally, but definitely feel I need some practice to refine my digital linework. The characters are going to range from some of our more established characters to some pretty obscure ones to even some ridiculous ones I haven’t drawn since high school! It should be fun, and I hope you come along for the ride.

The Last Martian first premiered in our Random Ink anthology about 15 years ago. It was about the time of the first Mars Rover, and I was amused by the idea of a grumpy Martian vs an oblivious Rover in an homage to the classic Coyote & Roadrunner cartoons. You can read some of his misadventures if you look back in my posts a bit. I will be creating a brand new story with this guy in the near future, so stay tuned!


Day 2: Dr. Nimbus!
The world’s most frustrated evil genius and star of my Evil Ain’t Easy comic… this guy is always quite fun to write (and draw). Way back in 2006, this comic ran as a strip in the Kansas City Star’s Previews section. Later, I retooled it, and it was accepted into DC Comics’ Zuda webcomics contest (it placed #3 that month). Eventually, a couple of years ago I decided to revisit these characters and tell a few more stories and gags I had for them in a full issue of Evil Ain’t Easy. Writing Dr. Nimbus is cathartic, because it gives me license to complain about the various annoyances of modern life with hopefully a fun twist.

Day 3: Lothar!
This uber-chill reanimated henchman acts as an enjoyable foil to the high strung Dr. Nimbus. Little known fact… I got his name from an old Mike Meyers SNL skit, “Lothar of the Hill People” (although according to Nimbus, Lothar is named after Nimbus’ pet gerbil).


Day 4: Cinder & Feathers!
These guys premiered in a story in the second issue of our Random Ink anthology that featured chess and demonically possessed bullfrogs. I’d like to tell some more tales with these chaps someday…


Day 5: Sir Knight!
This character was created by Elton Gahr and I back in 7th grade study hall. We are still telling stories with this knight out of time in our Random Ink comic. This drawing was a fun experiment, and I guess I accidentally used today’s official prompt “Blade”.


Day 6: Al!
Here is another one of our oldest characters that Elton and I created back in 7th grade. His name is an acronym for Alien Lifeform. This new drawing shows an important moment from the story we are telling of him and other heroes.

Wednesday September 30, 2020, at 8:49 pm

Symmetrical octopus

This octo-guy started life as a fun little experiment with Procreate’s symmetrical drawing guides.

Wednesday September 23, 2020, at 9:14 pm

Digital landscaping

Just a fun little project example for my Digital Art class I’m teaching this year. I think I was channeling some Shadow of Colossus or Journey vibes.

Sunday August 23, 2020, at 3:40 pm

Wizard of Oz cover

This summer I finally had time to take some online classes through the Society of Visual Storytelling.  I highly recommend it if you are an artist interested in improving your illustration skills with classes taught by world class artists. I ended up participating in the monthly art contest there for the first time, too. The challenge for July was to illustrate a new cover for the classic Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.  It was intimidating to be in the mix with so many amazing artists, but I had fun trying to find a unique moment to capture from the book.  I chose to show the characters on the way to the witch’s castle and tried to hide something in the design of the image. I’m not sure if it is hard or easy to see… what do you think?

Below you can see my designs for the characters. I feel like I could have probably made Dorothy look a little more unique, but I’m pretty happy with how the lion, scarecrow, and woodsman turned out.